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Tessera Music Festival "atarashii-mimi" vol.20


1st night: HiSASHI [vo] and Astushi ABE [pf] with Yumiko MEGURI [pf]

2nd night: Rikuya TERASHIMA [pf]

3rd night: Michio KITADUME [com]


Keiko HARADA Midstream



Keiko harada, composer

Hussong Stefan

Ruck Juergen

Livine Carin

Svoboda Mike

Meguri Yumiko

Kikuchi Naoka


Producer : Wergo



Keiko HARADA  4th Portrait CD    "Third Ear Deaf "


Carin Levine, Flute
Mike Svoboda, Trombone
Juergen Ruck, Guitar
Stefan Hussong, Accordion
Naoko Kikuchi, 13&17 Strings Koto
Yumiko Meguri, Piano
Producers : Wergo & カリン・レヴァイン 
Recording : @ Radio Bremen, Germany

During recording session at Radio Bremen



Concert’s schedule  in Taiwan in 2016

Dec. 2nd   :  with Taipei Dance Circle
Dec. 3rd :   Keiko Harada portrait concert
Dec. 4th :  with Stefan Hussong




→2nd December 2016 (Fri)

Collaboration with The Tiwanese Contemporary Dance Company (For more information chasing)


→3rd December 2016 (Sat)

International Society for Contemporary Music( ISCM)

【The private exhibition of Chamber Music by Taiwanese×Japanse×German Musician 】

invited composer : Keiko Harada

player : Stefan Hussong(acc), Yumiko Meguri(pf) others


20th Octorber 2016 (Thu)

Venue: OjiHoll (Ginza Tokyo Japan)


【Mutsumi Hatano  Modification of Song Series vol.11】

mezzo sopurano : Mutsumi Hatano

counter tenor : Xiao Ma

piano : Yumiko Meguri



4,5,6th November 2016 (Fri,Sat,San,)

Tessera Music Festival “atarashii-mimi” vol.19

1st night : Kouno Aya(vn), Yoshito Numasawa(pf)

2nd night : Stefan Hussong(acc), Yumiko Meguri(pf)

3rd night : Yuji Takahashi(com,pf),  Shin Sasakubo(guit)

Thank you very much for attending our Special Performance at Chofu Festival Music Cafe!
A special collaboration with original video, percussion, and piano 4 hands. 
Stravinsky: Petrouchka
Yumiko MEGURI & Ichiyu TANAKA (Piano 4 Hands)
Ryusuke SOGA (Percussion)
Kanoko ABE (Video)
26th JUNE 2016 (Sun)   11:30am start (11:00am Open)
"Murasaki Hall" at Chofu Bunka Kaikan Tazukuri First Floor

It was a great pleasure to have many audiences coming to our concert "Mutsumi Hatano & Yumiko Meguri: Yuji Takahashi's Song Book". Thank you very much for your warm supports. I'm looking forward to seeing you again at other concerts and events.                                                                                                                                       Yumiko Meguri

Photo taken during rehearsal



17th Jan 2016 (Sun) & 24th Jan 2016 (Sun)
08:10-09:00 NHK-FM, Gendai No Ongaku (Radio Programme)
Boardcasting of Keiko HARADA's portrait concert (recorded live on 27th Oct 2015 at Suntory Hall).
Programme (for 17th Jan)
Keiko HARADA : Piano Concerto (World Premiere)
piano : Yumiko MEGURI
conductor : Ken'ichi NAKAGAWA
orchestra : Members of Ensemble Modern and Toho Gakuen Orchestra




An article by Thomas Hell (pianist) on Tessera Music Festival is being published on NZM (New Journal of Music, first issue in 1834) in German. 

Preview (in German).
Japanese Translation of the article publised on NZM.
atarasii mimi japanese.pdf
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 201.1 KB

New CD Released!

"F. Fragments" (Wergo, Germany)

3rd Portrait CD of Keiko Harada (Composer)

Performed by Yumiko Meguri (Piano) and Stefan Hussong (Accordion)



Conversation in English : Performing for the sake of Performing