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Upcoming Event



Tessera Music Festival Vol.24 (Tokyo) 


The 1st evening: Takeshi Matsudaira(Bar) & Kenichi Nakagawa(pf)

The 2nd evening: Midori Komachi (Vn) & Yumiko Meguri(pf)

 The 3rd evening: Rikuya Terashima(pf)


venue : Salon Tessera


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Theater Olympics vol.9

Theater Olympics  in Toga, Toyama prefecture,Japan

New work by Keiko Harada with dance project (world premiere)





Tessera Music Festival Vol.25 (Tokyo) 


detail later


venue : Salon Tessera


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New CD Released!



schedule to Release!

Piano works of Hope Lee

(including Duo with Stefan Hussong)

This CD is scheduled to release  during This year 


detail later




 "F. Fragments"

3rd Portrait CD of Keiko Harada (Composer)

Performed by Yumiko Meguri (Piano) and Stefan Hussong (Accordion)

Released by WERGO (Germany)

Link to Purchase


NAXOS    JPC GERMANY    Review (in German)



 Keiko HARADA Midstream


Keiko harada, composer

Hussong Stefan/Ruck Juergen

Livine Carin/Svoboda Mike

Meguri Yumiko/Kikuchi Naoka


Producer : Wergo


■ Schott

■ King international

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Keiko HARADA  4th Portrait CD    "Third Ear Deaf "


Carin Levine, Flute
Mike Svoboda, Trombone
Juergen Ruck, Guitar
Stefan Hussong, Accordion
Naoko Kikuchi, 13&17 Strings Koto
Yumiko Meguri, Piano
Producers : Wergo & カリン・レヴァイン 
Recording : @ Radio Bremen, Germany

During recording session at Radio Bremen