Tessera Music Festival Vol.26 (Tokyo) 


The 1st evening: Takeshi Kakehashi(pf)

The 2nd evening: Akane Kudo (Vo) & Yumiko Meguri(pf)

 The 3rd evening: Rikuya Terashima(pf)


venue : Salon Tessera


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solo piano piece

composer : Hope Lee




Tessera Music Festival Vol.24 (Tokyo) 


The 1st evening: Kei Matsudaira(Bar) & Kenichi Nakagawa(pf)

The 2nd evening: Midori Komachi (Vn) & Yumiko Meguri(pf)

 The 3rd evening: Rikuya Terashima(pf)


venue : Salon Tessera


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Theater Olympics vol.9

Theater Olympics  in Toga, Toyama prefecture,Japan

New work by Keiko Harada with dance project (world premiere)





Tessera Music Festival Vol.25 (Tokyo) 


detail later


venue : Salon Tessera


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Tessera Music Festival Vol.23 (Tokyo) 


The 1st evening: Marumo Sasaki (vc) & Kento Takasugi (cb)

The 2nd evening: Stefan Hussong (acc) & Yumiko Meguri(pf)

 The 3rd evening: Yuji Takahashi(pf, composer) & Julia Hsu(pf)


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Tokyo Arts Festival  


Theater  "The Three Penny Opera “  by Bertolt Brecht

  Music by  Kurt Weill


                   New arrangement with by Keiko Harada with new theater direction.

 Stefan Hussong(acc), Yumiko Meguri(pf), and more.


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 Omote sndo ZIMAGINE[9/6 Thu.] Open 19:00 Start 19:30



 HISASHI (vo)& Yumiko Meguri(pf.arr )


 reserve : http://zimagine.genonsha.co.jp/schedules/index/2018/09

about this program : https://www.atarashii-mimi.com/concert-2






Canada Calgary[9/22]


 Stefan Hussong(acc), Yumiko Meguri(pf)





Tradition in Body & Creativity in Breathing vol.2

kikaijima original traditional shimauta


Jun 2018 (Thu)

Venue : Kikaijima


Keiko HARADA [com]

Yumiko MEGURI [pf]


JOU [dance]


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 Tessera Music Festival"atarashii-mimi" vol.22


link atarashii-mimi


venu:salon Tessera 


1st evening [Fri.18th,May.]  Open PM 6:30 Start PM 7:00

Takeshi KAKEHASHI[pf]


〜Eroika variation〜

Claude Debussy:ImagesⅠ[1905]

Jescheck. :Toccata

Sergei  Prokofiev:Toccata op.11[1912]

Anton (von) Webern:Variation for piano op.27[1936]

Ludwig van Beethoven :Eroika variation op.32[1802]



2nd evening [Sat.19th,May.] Open PM 3:30 Start PM 4:00



Yumiko MEGURi[pf]


Friedrich Hollander : cavaret sobgs at 1920's


Kurt Julian Weill& Bertolt Brecht :

from Die Dreigroschenoper

”Mack the Knife” "Barbara song"

"Pirate Jennuy"  "Tango Ballad"

from Opera "Mahogany" "Alabama Song"



3rd evening [[San.20th,May.] Open PM 3:30 Start PM 4:00

Rikuya Terashima vol.4


Amadeus Mozart:Adagio bmoll K.540

Alban Berg:Sonata Op.1

Motohiko Ando: for Piano[1969-72]

1.Accord 2.Ostinato 3.Monodia


J.S.Bach :Ourverture 



 ticket : atarashii-mimi

mail : info@atarashiii-mimi.com

click the image to see a lager version.


 Yumiko MEGURI [pf] Joji SAWADA [bass] Naoya NUMA [ds]

〜Classical, Contemporary and Sience〜


8th, December

Open 19:00- Start 19:30-


Omotesando ZIMAGINE  03-6679-5833



¥2,500- [have to order one drink] 

Mail  :  zimagine.genonsha.co.jp


 the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival

 Akemi NAITO(mezzo soprano) Recital

Arnold Schoenberg’s songs  4rth night

Das Buch der hängenden Gärten

10th Nov.  Open 18:30- Start 19:00-

Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall



  • 03-5353-9999 [Tokyo Opera City ticket center]
  • 03-3821-5166 [Nisseikyo online shop]
  • www.jvf.gr.jp
CONTACT [staff : Yamazaki]   
TEL:03-3937-6103  Mail:wanda@juno.ocn.ne.jp

Tessera Music Festival "atarashii-mimi" vol.21


3td-4th-5th-Nov. Open 16;00-


1st night: Sanae TAKAgi [pf]

 co-stars:Mariko AIKAWA [vn], Kimiko SHIGEMATSU [cl] and Akio UEKI [vc]

2nd night: Akane KUDO [vo] with Yumiko MEGURI [pf]

3rd night: Yuji TAKAHASHI with Julia Hsu [pf]


Ticket: www.atarashii-mimi.com

Tessera Music Festival "atarashii-mimi" vol.20


19th, 20th, 21st,May 2017


1st night: HiSASHI [vo] and Astushi ABE [pf] with Yumiko MEGURI [pf]

2nd night: Rikuya TERASHIMA [pf]

3rd night: Michio KITADUME [com]

4,5,6th November 2016 (Fri,Sat,San,)

Tessera Music Festival “atarashii-mimi” vol.19

1st night : Kouno Aya(vn), Yoshito Numasawa(pf)

2nd night : Stefan Hussong(acc), Yumiko Meguri(pf)


3rd night : Yuji Takahashi(com,pf),  Shin Sasakubo(guit)

Thank you very much for attending our Special Performance at Chofu Festival Music Cafe!
A special collaboration with original video, percussion, and piano 4 hands. 
Stravinsky: Petrouchka
Yumiko MEGURI & Ichiyu TANAKA (Piano 4 Hands)
Ryusuke SOGA (Percussion)
Kanoko ABE (Video)
26th JUNE 2016 (Sun)   11:30am start (11:00am Open)
"Murasaki Hall" at Chofu Bunka Kaikan Tazukuri First Floor

20th Octorber 2016 (Thu)

Venue: OjiHoll (Ginza Tokyo Japan)


【Mutsumi Hatano  Modification of Song Series vol.11】

mezzo sopurano : Mutsumi Hatano

counter tenor : Xiao Ma

piano : Yumiko Meguri




It was a great pleasure to have many audiences coming to our concert "Mutsumi Hatano & Yumiko Meguri: Yuji Takahashi's Song Book". Thank you very much for your warm supports. I'm looking forward to seeing you again at other concerts and events.                                                                                                                                       Yumiko Meguri


Concert’s schedule  in Taiwan in 2016

Dec. 2nd   :  with Taipei Dance Circle
Dec. 3rd :   Keiko Harada portrait concert
Dec. 4th :  with Stefan Hussong




→2nd December 2016 (Fri)

Collaboration with The Tiwanese Contemporary Dance Company (For more information chasing)


→3rd December 2016 (Sat)

International Society for Contemporary Music( ISCM)

【The private exhibition of Chamber Music by Taiwanese×Japanse×German Musician 】

invited composer : Keiko Harada

player : Stefan Hussong(acc), Yumiko Meguri(pf) others


Photo taken during rehearsal


17th Jan 2016 (Sun) & 24th Jan 2016 (Sun)
08:10-09:00 NHK-FM, Gendai No Ongaku (Radio Programme)
Boardcasting of Keiko HARADA's portrait concert (recorded live on 27th Oct 2015 at Suntory Hall).
Programme (for 17th Jan)
Keiko HARADA : Piano Concerto (World Premiere)
piano : Yumiko MEGURI
conductor : Ken'ichi NAKAGAWA
orchestra : Members of Ensemble Modern and Toho Gakuen Orchestra






25th February 2014 (Tue) 
Venue : Last Waltz, Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)
Time : 19:30 (open at 19:00)
【Song of Salieri  or, the music of standpoint 】(Secular Japanese Songs Series Vol. 2)
Lyrics: Hyogo Tamada 
Music (melody) :  Ayumu Yasutomi 
Music (except melody) : Keiko Harada
Ayumu Yasutomi (Vocal), Yuuka Takagi (Violin), Yumiko Meguri (keyboard & perc.), Keiko Harada (pf)
Same Path (2012-14) 】 (Secular Japanese Songs Series Vol. 1)
  Ayumu Yasutomi & Tomoyuki Taira (vocal), Kentaro Takahashi (E Bass), Yumiko Meguri (Key, Perc), Keiko Harada(pf)
   World Premiere
同じ道 】(Rock Version Covered by GOLZ) 
  GOLZ (Rock Band)
The above 3 pieces are to be performed at the following event :
Ayumu Yasutomi &Tomoyuki Taira's "Citizen" - A Comic Dialogue, battle of Dr.Wit and the Jr., Live Version



11th May(Sun)16:00
Venue:Salon Tessera(Sangenjaya Station)


New Ears Third night : The Ears of Jyoji Sawada ~azzurro~        

"azzurro" for piano duo

"クワルト" for piano violin and cello
"或る日突然" for piano solo
"新しい空音" for piano and contrabass

"Pikarikawa" (New Piece) for Violin, Cello, Contrabass, and Piano



Yoshu Kamei(vn)、Yosuke Ozawa(vc)、Jyoji Sawada(cb)、Mizuha Nakagawa(pf)、Yumiko Meguri(pf)