Yumiko MEGURI(Pianist)


Yumiko Meguri, Pianist

After completing her studies at Toho Gakuen Music High School and receiving a

bachelor's degree (piano major) from Toho Gakuen College of Music in Tokyo,

Meguri furthered her studies with Prof. György Sebök at Indiana University

(United States), from which she received an Artist Diploma with the highest

distinction. Upon returning to Tokyo, Japan, she performs actively as a pianist.

In addition, most of her recitals were selected as "Best 10 concerts of the year"

by "Ongaku no Tomo" (highly acclaimed music magazine in Japan). She has

been invited as a soloist to perform with Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, All

Japan Symphony, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and more. Her deep

understanding towards the music brings overwhelming expression's strength,

and the sense of rhythm with overflowing liveliness which she continuously

giving inspirations to artistes from various genres. 

In term of recordings, Meguri has about 20 albums released, ranging from

Bach, Hadyn to Bartók, Stravinsky, Takemitsu, G.Crumb, Keiko harada and

more. Besides Western classical music, modern, and contemporary music, she

has also released music with Jazz arrangement. Most of her albums were

named "Best Album" by "The Record Geijutsu", a long running classical music

recording magazine in Japan. In addition, the album "Bartók : Sonata for 2

pianos and percussion" is being released throughout United States.

Furthermore, Meguri works closely with composers, such as Keiko Harada,

Atsuhiko Gondai, Bruce Stark, Andras Hamary, Hope Lee, and more, to perform

(including world premieres) newly composed pieces. In 2014, the portrait album

of Keiko Harada (composer) has been released under WERGO (Germany) and

King International (Japan), in which Meguri collaborates with

Stefan Hussong(accordionist). This album received many positive reviews in

both countries, and was nominated for "Recording Academy Awards

(Japan)". Also, the second album under WERGO was released in 2017 received

critical acclaim.


Besides that, Meguri is also active as a writer and an editor for music scores.

Since 2007,  she started to produce a music festival called "New Ears", that

runs twice a year at “Salon Tessera” in Tokyo. The festival is gaining more

attentions due to its uniqueness in programming and was being introduced

largely in the "Neue Zeitschrift für Musik" (Germany, music magazine). In the

Festival, nearly 20 of new pieces ware world premiered. In recent years, Meguri

has been invited to perform in various contemporary music festivals held in

Germany, Canada, Italy, Taiwan and so on. Her exchanges with international

composers is also widening. 

Currently, Meguri is teaching as a professor at Toho Gakuen College of Music.


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